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Teen Drinking Problem And Solution Essay

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Alcohol has been linked to several horrible issues. The consequences of these problems include stiff fines, jail time, suspension of privileges and even death. The corollary of drinking alcohol can cause immense guilt, and even rifts in relationships with family and others. With booze being so bad it must be awful to get started drinking young. “…more than half of America’s teenagers have had at least one drink by age 15 and the percentage increases to 70% by age 18.” (Sober Nation) Teen drinking is a definite issue within the U.S.; its effects on an adolescent’s mind is horrendous; however, there is a way to fix this epidemic.
A particular way to absolve teen drinking is to provide incentive to avoid alcohol. Research shows that
teens involved in extracurricular activities that they enjoy are less likely to consume hooch. “Further investigation
revealed that participation in sports reduced the risk of overall illicit drug use, but particularly during high school; suggesting that this may be a critical period to reduce or prevent the use of drugs through sport.” (Addictive Behaviors.) Being involved helps teens take responsibility and a sense of pride in their activity. Therefore to avoid disappointment and failure adolescents will avoid substances known to have a negative correlation on the activity. One of the items that they may deem harmful includes alcohol since it affects awareness and reaction time. Serious athletes will know to stay away to help maintain their edge and level of fitness. Certainly, participation in extracurricular activities or simply belonging can help decrease teen drinking.
Another way to help teens avert from using alcohol is to make sure that teens are educated in the dangers and consequences of teen drinking. “…students who had DARE training reported significantly lower use of alcohol…” (Journal of Drug Education) This was a statement made in the Journal of Drug Education on drug use of students who had received drug abuse education and those who hadn’t. Teens who had or have this training are less likely to succumb to peer pressure of alcohol consumption. It is proven that knowing the facts and the ramifications of alcohol deters students from trying liquor. Hopefully with providing a drug and alcohol abuse class within schools, the overall abuse will decrease as students learn the problem associated with drinking.
Furthermore, another diminution to the consumption of liquor is to have a family that discourages alcohol. Families that disapprove openly in the participation of drinking produce adolescents that are less likely to partake in the use of alcohol. “Strongest predictors of alcohol use for males were their perceptions of their father's and mother's...

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