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Imagining yourself being in a car crash can be a very scary thought. Just a small glance at the clock, the rearview mirror, or even the passenger sitting next to you, could cause you to go flying into destruction. What would you do if you were involved in a car crash? Imagine opening your eyes to see a person stuck in a car opposite of yours. Not only do you see the starting of a fire but the faint smell of gasoline lingers in the air. What would you do? Driving can be very dangerous especially for teens due to their inexperience in driving, low maturity level, and the numerous distractions that occur. The behavior of teens should be monitored to help keep them safe.
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Due to a teen’s immaturity, they are often not mature enough to handle the responsibilities that come along with driving (Teen Driving). A teen’s maturity level often leads them to feel immortal, which leads to impulsive acts and reckless driving (Teen Driving). According to the article “The Dangers of Distracted Driving”, speeding is the most common type of reckless driving found in teens. In 1998, thirty-six percent of crashes were a result of excessive speeding (Dangers). To many observers the youthful recklessness and immaturity of teens are the leading cause of their deaths in car crashes (Teen Driving). Sixteen year olds are more likely than adults to be responsible for their own death which could have been prevented (Dangers).
Along with the low maturity level of most teens, the numerous distractions that can occur on the road could be very dangerous to them. It has been proven that young drivers are more easily distracted than the experienced drivers (Why). In 1998, about eighty percent of crashes were caused by a form of distraction and sixty-five percent were near crashes caused by a form of distraction (Teen Driving). Distractions include eating, applying make-up, carrying passengers, talking on cellphones, and exhaustion. The most dangerous and most common type of distraction is a cellphone and in 1998 eleven percent of vehicles on the road were using cellphones (Dangers). Exhaustion is also another giant distraction to teens because they need more sleep than adults (Teen Driving). A hundred thousand car crashes occur each year are a result of a person’s sleepiness. Teens are not only a danger to themselves but to other drivers they share the road with (Teen Driving). Even without the distractions teens are not equipped to deal with all the activities that are involved while driving (Why).
In order to decrease teen fatality involved in car crashes due to their inexperience, immaturity, and the many distractions that can occur, a teen’s behavior should be monitored. According to an article labeled “Preventing Driving Accidents Involving Teenagers”, research shows it is better for parents to enforce rules for teens to follow when driving rather than just telling their kids to be back at a certain time. One of the major things parents should encourage their teen to do while...

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