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Teen People Magazine

The Teen People, September edition, is a magazine designed to appeal to young female readers. Its content features well known celebrities, use of bright and flashy colors, and an organized layout that attracts an upbeat, young readership interested in high-quality appearance and style. Although the magazine’s main focus may appear to insure a great fashion sense, it also concentrates on a philosophical orientation by covering a more diverse readership that includes all colors, sizes, and shapes of females. Teen People also expands its audience by recognizing both visual and text oriented audiences. To appeal to the more visual oriented audience, the magazine uses exotic photography in the advertisements for Self Esteem, Secret Deodorant, and Ralph Lauren. For the more text oriented audience, the magazine includes celebrity profiles on Ruben Studdard as well as both Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Whether the audience is visual or text oriented, Teen People’s main objective is to create an animated and enjoyable magazine for young female readers.

The advertisement for the clothing line Self Esteem uses an imaginative idea of a human butterfly to catch the eye of its visual oriented viewers (117). The advertisement pictures a young Mediterranean female with butterfly wings attached to her back. She is dressed in casual attire with green cargo pants and a simple khaki colored shirt. The unusual depiction and choice in clothing may insinuate that an athletic female reader can effectively express herself by dressing comfortably in Self Esteem clothing wear. The smile and happy indication illustrates that freedom of originality leads to eternal happiness. Self Esteem places the young female in the midst of a leaf rather floating along. This insertion brings to mind a more dreamlike theme: by wearing their clothing, one may float along life as if in a dream.

Similarly, the advertisement on page sixty four of the magazine uses an angelic/fairy tale theme to introduce Secret Deodorant to the visually stimulated audience. In the center of the page, a fairy-like woman stands in the midst of a very surreal setting with stars and a light blue sky. By using a woman who personifies a fairy, Secret manages to connect the new brand of Secret "Violet Dazzle" with a mystical theme. The bright hues of purple and the naturalistic atmosphere, once again, attract very young viewers to the product. Secret pictures a frail, flawless female to suggest that varying types of women may use their product and still resemble the pure and enchanting image. Thus, they incorporate the text "When you’re strong, you Sparkle," to show that by using their product, one can eliminate the fear of smelling and "sparkle" with confidence. The advertisement itself is very striking to the human eye. It’s busy layout and choice in colors captivates those who enjoy striking photography.

Unlike the Self Esteem and Secret Deodorant advertisements, which...

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