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Teen Internet Monitoring Essay

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There was a leak on the news a couple of days ago about how the NSA was monitoring their citizens without their permission. Not only the NSA is known to monitoring internet use, Company’s now can use profile web pages to decide if they want to hire someone for employment. Even some schools use places like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter to find the source of pranks, planned fights, and behavioral issues at school. Some parents are even monitoring teens without them knowing on personal social medias which to some people is a violation to privacy. Some of the words found can even be taken out of context putting a person into serious trouble. At other time those days that a person may take to ...view middle of the document...

This may have negative effect on the teen making them want to rebel to making them sheltered to even making them self-conscious. There is also a chance that a teen may not learn what sharable information is and what privatized information is. While teens do make stupid decisions it is up to them to understand the consequences of that decision and only by making mistakes can they learn how to avoid it in the future. Teens aren’t stupid they have the abilities to learn from their mistakes and for most of them this is the best way for them to learn. Invading a teen’s privacy is a way to tell them they are not trusted with their own free time.
When a teen is on their own they tend to make all kinds of unusual mistakes. If a teen is not monitored it can lead disastrous mistakes to his or her future. It is up to the parent to oversee their teen and not have him or her exposed too early to certain media or expose themselves in the wrong way on the internet. Parent can use the ability he or she has to prevent what a teen sees, hears, and says to some extent on the internet. While monitoring a teen’s internet usage is a controversial topic it is necessary to protect a teen’s reputation. Protecting their reputation can help the teen grow up in a healthier environment moving away from the harsh extremities like the loss of a potential job or not being able to get into a good college. It is up to the parent to seek the best outcome...

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