Teen Moms On Tv, Glamorizing Or Influencing?

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In this generation, teen moms are becoming popular to society. You can turn on the TV and find shows such as “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant”, but are these shows good or bad? They actually help out a lot. TV shows about teen parenting have lowered birth rates for teens, show the struggles of teen parenting, and help teens use safe sex techniques.
Many studies have shown that teenagers who watch shows about teen moms are more likely to not getting pregnant in their teen years. “MTV’s 16 and Pregnant franchise is responsible for almost 6 percent of the recent declines in teen births in the United States” (Kempner). All teens who are sexually active should watch these programs. Before this, ...view middle of the document...

People start to look at you funny, and don’t support you. Martha Kempner from RH Reality Check says about these shows “It portrays nothing but stereotypical teen mothers in crisis, teen dads who take little responsibility for their offspring, and struggling families who just can’t get it together.”
After watching these shows, a lot of teens second guess what they’re doing. They usually decide to make wiser choices and either be more safe or in a lot of cases get on birth control. A lot of people think teens on birth control is outrageous, but it’s better than them getting pregnant and not being able to support their child. “In that, the show may represent a highly effective form of sex education and, as reflected in the twitterverse, a great method of birth control” (Kempner). Shows like this are on TV to help. Not to glamorize teen pregnancy. If anything, teens should watch them and get a good idea of why having sex before marriage or before adulthood is risky. They will be better safe than sorry.
Although most people see these shows as a good influence on people, there are the people who think this show is horrible. They think...

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