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Teen Nutrition Essay

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Everybody needs a balanced diet to stay healthy and fit. A teen especially because they are still growing and their body fluctuates constantly between height and weight. Nutrition is such an important part of every individual’s life. Without proper nutrition, teens may suffer many different problems. In this paper I will be informing you on the seriousness of teen nutrition and how it can be used in everyday life.
Nutrition usually consists of a healthy diet and exercise. This is a habit that you want to begin early so it is a constant everyday thing and it will continue throughout life. A habit that will be able to help you by fueling your body and helping it reach its full potential. ...view middle of the document...

You do not need large amounts of these vitamins since excess amounts can be toxic and can cause many different problems. Because the water-soluble vitamins aren’t stored very long in the body, we have to consume them constantly to keep the nutrients in our body. You can consume these through many different foods, drinks and also just by taking them in a pill. So many minerals are needed to maintain a healthy body and diet. They must be taken in relatively large amounts such as calcium, potassium, and iron.
There are many different things the body must daily consume to maintain a healthy lifestyle but one of the main things I believe is water. You must keep your body hydrated in order to keep everything running properly. Muscles, blood flow as long as replenishing your body, these are all major functions of water and staying hydrated. Without water you would not survive. It is a necessity to get rid of the old, used nutrients. Water is a huge necessity to everyone.
A great way to maintain a good nutritional habit is to start by eating the 3 main meals every day. This will help to regulate how the body burns through everything. It also helps with your immune system...

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