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Teen Obesity And It's Side Effects It 125 Research Paper

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Obesity, to some teens it is all they have ever known, and most who are obese do not know how to change their lifestyle or where to even start. Teens especially in today’s society have much more pressure to be perfect by media and peers. This causes stress which can trigger habits that may give people comfort, such as eating or even overeating. Obesity is a condition that occurs when a person has too much body fat in ratio to their height, age, and other factors. This leads to many defects and consequences in the human body, because no person is designed to hold that much extra weight. It affects many teens worldwide in not only physical but also mental ways. There has been, “a three decade rise in childhood obesity rates…” because either a teen has not had any knowledge of or financial access to healthier food or conditions, he/she might not know of the side effects that come with obesity, or he/she has depended on food emotionally for solace (Khan).
Many 1st world countries have an overwhelming amount of unhealthy foods and pass times which most teens have been exposed to since birth. “Food is available 24/7. Domino’s delivers. We’re not programmed for this kind of environment...” (Khan). Teens today mostly eat what is easiest to acquire and also what is the cheapest. Usually when food is cheap people tend to buy more of it. That means people will eat in abundance solely because of the price and accessibility. “McDonald's fries were 210 calories but the large portions more often consumed today are 500. A Coke was 6.5 ounces, versus 20 ounces in today's plastic bottles,” (Khan). Restaurants today are slowly increasing the calories in their food without the public’s knowledge. If someone buys something they once knew as healthy it may not be anymore because of restaurants’ ever changing menus. The Los Angeles Times made an article stating, “U.S. kids have an obesity rate of 15%, and that another 15% are overweight,” (Khan). These rates are still growing because large sums of teens and kids have been put into a society where most of the food is not good for your health. Health is almost completely based on what you put into your body and how you take care of your body. This is why teens are obese, because they forget this simple rule, and seriously deadly outcomes are the result of it.
Just like how teens do not know how to live a healthier lifestyle, they also do not know what the effects are of living an unhealthy lifestyle. “Medical problems can emerge during the teen years for youngsters who are morbidly obese: hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia, skin infections, from fungi trapped in folds of skin and hard-to-clean areas, and bacteria, pseudo gynecomastia, in which excess fatty tissue gives boys the appearance of breasts, back pain…” (Obesity's Impact). This list goes on and on naming more effects of Teen Obesity, and it doesn’t even go into the effects into adulthood. Most teens do not know of these conditions which occur...

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