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Teen Pregnancies In Hispanic Community Essay

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Childbirth is biological, psychological, and natural activities by which the human species grow into its family cycle and childbirth also have a sexual tradition. Beyond the emotions and the various phases that it creates, childbirth has specific criteria to be met on both man and woman. Their union must be founded on the reciprocal love, the biological and psychological maturation, and a developed sense of responsibility. Because of this, a pregnancy occurred early in life is becoming a situation full of social, economical and psychological difficulties. The birth’s pain is weighted quickly on the young and premature couple. In the United States, teen’s pregnancies from ages 15 -19 remain one of the highest situations in the modern world. It has had little chance of success because many teens are still becoming parents and this problem is constantly increasing in the Latino/ Hispanic community. Immigration, peer pressures, dropout rate, cultural difference, and economic disadvantages are main reasons behind the majority teen’s pregnancies in this community. After I explain why it’s important to reduce teen’s pregnancy rates, I will suggest some challenging yet feasible solutions to break the cycle of unplanned pregnancies.
Before any explanation, let’s talk about what cause teen pregnancy in Latino/ Hispanic group. In fact, a majority of undocumented immigrants (57%) come from Mexico and 24% are from Latino America. Between them, 35% are young women and 15% are children because children born in the United States are granted citizenship by the 14thAmendment of the US constitution ( So, because of this Amendment we understand clearly why many children living in families headed by undocumented Hispanic and Latino. We also understand why teen pregnancy rates can increase in this community. The girl mothers, especially with repeat pregnancies have advantages to extend their stay in the United States as undocumented status. Their kids prolong their stay and value them.
Then, peer pressures come up. In his recent article, R. Y. Langham, explains thoroughly the causes of pregnancy. Ms Langham informs the general public, teens, and also teen parents that around 750,000 of teens from age 15 to 19 years old become pregnant each year. I sadly realize that many teens do not believe that having sex can lead to pregnancy. Countless, teens are influenced by their peers. Teens desire to belong to a group, they are often misguided into the wrong type of friends .These friends put in mind it’s ok to do unprotected sex, it’s the cool, and sophisticated thing to do. Without grasping all the full meaning of childbirth, and its consequences, teens are getting into pregnancies early.
Early parenthood leads to dropout. Since the parents are uneducated and have many children, they are unable to support their children throughout school. If the parents can’t pay for their children’s education, the children are forced to drop out of school. According to...

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