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Teen Pregnancy And Graduation Rates Essay

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Teen pregnancy is surprisingly decreasing over the years. According to Farber, “the most recent studies have shown that there has been a decrease in the rate of pregnancies among all teenagers and among sexually active teenagers (16). Although this issue seems is decreasing this is still a problem faced by many teenage girls today. Each year, 7.5 percent of all 15-19 year old women become pregnant (Maynard 1). Not only does this issue affects the pregnant teen but it also affects the economy. Teen pregnancy affects graduation rates. Many teen mothers cite pregnancy as the key reason of them not finishing school. Only 40 percent of teen mothers finish high school (Teen Pregnancy Affects Graduation Rates). The 60 percent of teen mothers that do not finish high school not only influence their future, but the future of their unborn baby. The best solution to help teen pregnancy become obsolete and save many teenagers futures is abstinence. Abstinence is the best solution because this solution has four advantages such as, it has the highest effectiveness, it teaches other important life skills, it aids teens in school and it halts the spread of STDs among adolescents.
According to Lawton, “abstinence means not having sexual intercourse (vaginal, anal or oral intercourse) at any time” (25).This answer is a sure way to improve the rate of teen pregnancy. Those that take the pledge to become abstinent usually use this form of contraception until they get married. It has proven to have the highest effectiveness. Unlike condoms and birth control pills abstinence is 100 percent guaranteed prevention. Birth control pills have a very high effective rate. However, if a woman forgets to take one her chances of becoming pregnant, become greater (Mucciolo 34). Mucciolo argues that this method is only help cut the chances of pregnancy, it is not absolutely effective.
Condoms also provide contraception. It is a form of contraception used by most men and is also called barrier methods of birth control because they put up a block or barrier for protection. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention puts the failure of male condoms at 18 percent. To put it differently abstinence is the only way to assure a teen won’t become young parent. There are other forms of contraception, but they come with a risk for instance, female condoms, spermicide, and depo provera shots. These methods come with side effects. In essence, abstinence is also safer.
Further than being a contraceptive abstinence teaches other life skills. During self-restraint programs teens learn useful life lessons. Not focusing on sex helps, realize that there are more important things in life. McGraw believes a child would resist parenthood if he or she believes their futures are bright (Tips for Parents to Prevent Teen Pregnancy). The principle of self-restraint, self-esteem and future goals are emphasized during abstinence programs (Fisanick 54). Learning how to build strong relationships and keep...

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