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Teen Pregnancy And Overpopulation Essay

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Teen pregnancy is a global issue affecting teens under the age of 18. Teen pregnancy is a huge problem but the after affects can be catastrophic. Besides the reasons like premature death and many more health issues, teen pregnancy affects more than just the family of the teen. One major thing that teen pregnancy does is lead to over population. Over population means the condition of having a dense number of people compared to the amount of resources. Over population is ruining our environment and unless we stop it, it will eventually kill out all humans. The environment is the most important thing to us. It keeps us healthy, safe and overall alive. We need to control the amount of teenage ...view middle of the document...

Our renewable resources that have been used to provide us with the things we need to survive used to be abundant. We now have a great deal of crucial substances that are slipping from our hands. Those substances we have survived on our whole life are not going to be here forever. Due to all of the pollution that humans have created, things like water, clean air, oil, and other natural gases are running out. Those things are running out rapidly and losing their quantity and quality. One thing that gives our body nutrients will some be something that people will fight over just to get. Teen pregnancy will only make this worse.

Water, the most vital source of life, once abundant and a lot cheaper; now about one billion people lack clean drinking water. Because there is so much water that is needed to satisfy human and animal needs, we fail to give water time to be replenished. Also, due to the temperatures on the Earth increasing, glaciers are melting at rapid paces. Because they supply many people with fresh water, they are very important. For example, the Himalayan Glacier, one of the biggest glaciers in the world, is rapidly melting. Because it is melting, it will threaten the water supply for an estimated 1.3 billion people.

The lack of food, another crucial resource, is causing 25,000 people to die form mal nutrition every day.

Humans are causing global warming. With the constant rise in newborns each year, humans need to supply more energy. Flooding, droughts, and the rise of temperature is caused global warming. This is due to the excessive amounts of greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere. It is estimated that global warming will kill us all in 1,000 years.

Teenage pregnancy is helping lead to over population. Over population is becoming a huge problem...

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