The Decrease Of Teen Pregnancy In America

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Studies show that within the last seven years there has been a dramatic drop in the number of teen pregnancies. Teen pregnancy is best known as, the act of getting pregnant between the ages of fifteen and nineteen. Teen pregnancy does not come with much of a history. In the past, (mostly in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s) it was common for girls to be married between the ages of fourteen and sixteen and give birth not long after. Some girls were having babies as young as thirteen and fourteen years old! During the times that young girls would bear children and be married so young, college and education was not an important factor. As a young girl you learned how to take care of your house, farm, laundry, crops, animals, husband, and children. The father was your main source of income. Obviously things in our time are very different. Over the years a growing importance for education and making a living on your own has become crucial to many women. It was no longer important to have children so soon, but to learn to be a strong, educated, and independent woman. Even now as time has gone by, the image of being a pregnant teenage girl has been glorified solely by media. It becomes less important to get an education so you can get a good job and be able to raise a child and give them a good life, and more important to get pregnant and get a chance to be worshiped nationally on t.v. for being pregnant and making all of your money through fame.
Studies show that between 2006 and 2011 there was an average drop of about 30% of teen pregnancies and 50% of teens involved in any kind of sexual activity (not just intercourse) in America. According to a recent study as of 2008, teen birth rates in the U.S., (which have been declining for two decades) have reached a record low with significant drops in almost every single state! Pregnancy among teens not only effects the teen, but the father and or father’s family, the mother’s family, (if they choose to be involved in the baby’s life) and the life of the baby. Pregnancy effects far more than just the life of that pregnant teenager.
There are a few aspects we are going to look at that are responsible for the decrease in teenage pregnancies. The first one is that teenagers in todays society have far better access to many types of contraception such as condoms, and various forms of female birth control. Teens also have better access to emergency contraception such as “Plan B: One Step, Emergency Contraception” which aids in preventing pregnancy after sexual intercourse has taken place. This particular emergency contraception used to only be available to you by prescription. A law was passed early in 2012 to make this brand of emergency contraception available over the counter to teenage girls ages seventeen and older, with a photo I.D. Studies show that emergency contraception prevented 51,000...

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