Teen Pregnancy: Make The Right Choice

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Ever heard of the ‘birds and the bees?’ This was a story that parents and grandparents discuss to teenagers to explain the concept of interactions with partners. It is considered the generic version of teaching their kids about sexual activity. However, not all young adults get the full parents speech. Adults occasionally forget to mention the consequences that includes pregnancies and diseases. With the thought of youth not being able to take care of the unborn child, they make the most drastic decision. Statistics show that 52% of pregnant women 24 and under are having abortions. Nonetheless, there are risks in having abortions. Consider other options like birth control, abstinence, and adoption if you disagree with pregnancy.
Legalizing abortion has made it okay for females to be sexually active without thinking about the extent of it. The idea of having a baby is fun and adorable. However, when reality hits them, they realize what they’ve gotten into. At that point, it’s too late to renege. Well not late for them but for the baby it is because the female has to make this tragic decision. Few women don’t want to take on the commitment and become a mother. Others are afraid of the lifestyle they will live. Females would not face this climax if they were careful when having sex.
Opposing arguments point out the advantages of having an abortion, but the disadvantages outweigh them. When the fetus is formed and there is seed conceived then there’s a life inside of your stomach. Millions of people are going down for harming others and others are getting away with it. Aborting a life is like murder to a certain degree. Pregnant women make that choice to get rid of an unborn child and that’s selfish. They want to live their own life, not thinking of the positive things that the baby could have impacted. Nevertheless, aborting can negatively impact you as well.
Okay abortion may be a safe medical procedure, however, lots of doctors oppose making that step in help removing a child from these women. Very little offices provide those services. Not to mention it has it’s side affects, which are not at all positive for females and their future. Aborting a unborn could cause harm to the body. Symptoms include Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Ectopic pregnancies, and miscarriages. These three symptoms are tied together some kind of way and not a positive impact on the human body. Quite a few women are getting check ups monthly, but the 42 million females that agreed to abortion weren’t too worried about their health.
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease isn’t anything to play with. It is normally caused by the STD’s Chlamydia and gonorrhea, however abortion can lead to it as well. Untreated PID can damage the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus, which can lead to chronic pelvic pain and serious damage to the reproductive system. PID is the most common, preventable cause of infertility, and can also lead to ectopic pregnancies....

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