Teen Pregnancy With Both It's Causes And Effects.

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The FactsAccording to Seventeen magazine, "If you're sexuallyactive, you know that getting pregnant is a risk." Everyyear approximately one million teen girls get pregnant inthe United States and every year the federal governmentspends close to forty billion dollars to help families thatbegan with a teenage birth (Teen Pregnancy). The UnitedStates has the highest estimate of teen pregnancy and birthsin the western industrialized world (Teen Pregnancy). Onlyone-third of teen mothers receive a high school diploma, andeighty percent of unmarried teen mothers end up on welfare(Teen Pregnancy). The children of teenage mothers have lowerbirth weights, are more likely to perform poorly in school,and are at a greater risk of abuse and neglect (TeenPregnancy). Unplanned, teen pregnancy is one of the manyreasons why early childhood education is important. Everydaythere are teenagers as young as twelve and thirteen yearsold having sexual intercourse. The younger a teenage girl iswhen she has had sex for the first time, the more likely sheis to have had unwanted or non-voluntary sex (TeenPregnancy). It almost seems like girls are getting youngerand younger when they become sexually active. In orderto prevent teen pregnancy, it is imperative that childrenare educated more, at an early age, about abstaining fromsex and being safe if sexually active.During high school, students are required to take alife management class. This class teaches teens about all ofthe birth control methods, contraceptives, and how to besafe while sexually active. This class has bothdisadvantages and advantages. One of the disadvantages isthat it doesn't focus on teaching the importance ofabstinence enough. One of the advantages is that it doesfocus on teaching teens about their local healthdepartments, so that they can get free exams and birthcontrol if they need it. While a number of teens do takeadvantage of this opportunity, some teens do not.Unfortunately, the teens who use birth control andcontraceptives are only ninety-nine percent protected.Throughout the years, society has promotedsafe sex more than abstinence for our teens. There is onlyone way to prevent teen pregnancy one hundred percent, andthat is to abstain from sex until marriage....

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