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Teen Pregnancy Yes, It Is A Actual Thing!

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Ever heard of teen pregnancy? Well guess what its an actual thing. Teen Pregnancy can happen to anyone no matter who you are. Some of us may have heard of the horror story like the 2008 Gloucester High School pregnancy pact, where 17 girls agreed to get pregnant together. Yeah, I know thats a real scare right. You have to think about why would girls agree to get pregnant? It seems ridicoulous to want to just throw away your teenage years on purpose. This could have happened because they weren’t educated enough about the issues of teen pregnancy. That is why we have to give out information about this. We need to bring awareness to teenagers about teen pregnancy before its too late.

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Many people wonder if this show is creating or preventing teen pregnancy. There was a study created by the National Bureau of Economic Research, they found that the rate of teenage pregnancy dropped in areas where more teens were watching more MTV programmings. MTV also states that during the time the show will air they promote a website called This website encourages teens to enjoy and live their teenage years.
Recent Research has said that teen pregnancy has dropped, but there are still more than 7 million births to women under the age of 18 in all developing countries. The U.N population Fund expressed alarm about the dangers facing girls,14 or younger, who account for 2 million of the 7.3 million births to women under 18 in developing countries. There was also a report from the U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention showing that teen birth rates fell 15% in all states with an exception of West Virginia and North Dakota, during the years 2007 and 2011. BIll Albert, the chief program officer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy said “ The short answer is that it is a combination of less sex and more contraception. Teenagers have a greater number of methods of contraceptives to choose from,” Which for the most means teens are having more techniques to not get pregnant, such as birth control.
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