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Teen Romanance Is Not Smart Essay

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Teen Romanance is Not Smart


    Do teenagers today have their priorities in the correct order when it comes to dating?  More and more often, it does not seem they do.  Some teenagers these days spend too much time focusing on their "romantic" relationships instead of the things that should be more important.  Teenagers who are in serious relationships do not care as much about school, their families, or their jobs.  These teenagers seem to forget everything that should be important to them. 

    School should be a very important priority for teenagers.  In high school, teachers try to prepare young people for what lies ahead in life.  That includes going off to college and entering the working world.   But many teenagers in serious relationships begin putting off doing their homework and studying for tests.  Their grades begin to drop, and sooner than they know it, they are failing their classes.  Most times when these lovesick teenagers begin failing, they do not care.  In some cases the teenagers even drop out.  In today's world it is nearly impossible to find a decent job without at least a high school diploma.  Without a job, a person can't get very far or have an interesting life.  Is one boy or girl really worth it?

    Just graduating from high school this past June, I saw a lot of my friends go down this road.  Many of my friends were honor students through most of their years of school.  Then some of these friends met significant others their junior and senior years, and that was the end of them being honor students.  Whenever I asked my friends about their relationships, they would each give me the same story, that this was the person they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with, and they could care less about anything else.  I noticed that my friends were attending class less and less every month, and when they were in class they would not have any homework done.  Eventually some of my friends even dropped out of school.  They had this fairy-tale belief that their significant others would take care of them for the rest of their lives.  In reality my friends and their significant others would always seem to be broken up within a few months.  By then my friends had already given up what should have been one of their top priorities: preparing for college.  It is really sad to see fellow teenagers make such messes of their lives.

    Teenagers who get into serious relationships not only forget about school.  They also forget about their immediate families.  A teenager's family should be the most important group of people to the teenager.  A teenager's parents are the ones who should guide the teenager through the rough times and provide support when appropriate.  Without them, a teenager would be nobody.  But these lovesick teenagers begin to treat their parents as if they were dirt.  These teenagers...

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