Teen Suicide Essay

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Teen Suicide
Suicide is a growing problem in American culture. Sadly, teens are affected the most. Teen suicide is increasing rapidly. “About 5,000 teens in the United States kill themselves each year” (Peacock, 4). Suicide among teens is a serious and devastating crisis. More teens are taking their lives today than ever before. Teen suicide does not affect one specific type of teen; it affects any type of teen. There are a variety of reasons teens resort to committing suicide. Many people are working for the prevention of teen suicide. Teen suicide needs to be viewed as a serious problem, analyzed, and prevented.
Teen suicide affects many teens. The number of teen suicide has tripled since the 1950’s (Peacock, 6). It is the third leading cause of death for young people and the second leading death among high school and college students (Schleifer, 7). Suicide is increasing; many teens feel hopeless about the future therefore they take their lives away. A teen with who has depression or some other mental illness can be fatal (Peacock, 7). Girls are more likely to kill themselves then boy. Girls mostly kill themselves with overdose of medication, when boys use handguns. Certain teens have a higher risk for suicide then others (Peacock, 16). Teens with a different sexuality have a higher risk of suicide then other teens from others. The ones that come out often threaten and become an outcast. This problem is growing and needs to be taken more seriously. “Suicide attempts may be the first signals that a teen has a mental illness such as depression” (Peacock, 7).
Teens don’t kill themselves for any reason; there is always a cause. Many of the reasons are divorce parents. A teen dealing with divorce is over whelming to them. Teenagers dealing with divorce also have to deal with a new family, step parents, and siblings. Some even move to different places which make them move away from their home, school, and friends. Violence at home has a lot of impact. Watching violent things can hurt a teens mind and make them want to end the violence therefore they take their life. Teens may not be able to handle one more situation, even the smallest things, ending a relationship, failing at school, or getting blamed for something, all those things can trigger suicidal thoughts. Drugs and alcohol can affect teens too. “Drugs and alcohol increase thinking and anger” (Peacock, 19). “Problems with sexual identity, pregnancy, or pressures to succeed also can play a role” (Peacock, 16).Sexual Identity causes suicide. Teens that struggle with a different sexual identity; struggle with keeping it a secret. Teens that come out may be treated as outcasts. The frequently get named-called, bullied, and other harassments. Girls that deal with a teen pregnancy take their life because of embarrassment to family, peers, and the father of the child. Talent kids have suicide attempts. The pressure to succeed is overwhelming and they cannot take it anymore. ”In general, teens...

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