Teen Suicide In America Essay

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5000 people under the age of 25 with 2000of those teenagers are dying each year, but not from cancer or car accidents, but by their own hands. These children have made the choice to take their lives by committing suicide. Andrea Young Ward explains how and why teens make the decision of taking their lives in her story “Many Factors Contribute to Teen Suicide”. Teen suicide is the third leading killer of teenagers and has increased 200% since 1960 and will probably continue to increase in the years to come.

Teen suicide has many factors that contribute to this horrible death of so many teens. The main factors are feeling of hopelessness and alienation, homosexuality, concerns about AIDS, depression and many other problems. A feeling of hopelessness is a big contributor to teen suicide. “As a young woman, Maria could envision no promising future. Although she was a talented painter and costume designer, she found that she was near the end of a five-year life plan and no wear near her goals.” She decided to commit suicide because she was hopeless that she could never be a great painter or costume designer. “Tanya did not feel at home in her Midwestern, fundamentalist family when she twice attempted to take her life at age 14 and again at age 16. . . some of the reasons Tanya felt bad were that her father, with whom she had only recently dome into contact, died unexpectedly right her first attempt, a schoolmate had committed suicide two months before, and Tanya was also wrestling with an emerging awareness of her homosexuality.” Tanya had many reasons why she had wanted to commit suicide such homosexuality...

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