Teen Targeting Alcohol Advertisements         Alcoholism Is A Major Drug Problem

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Teen Targeting Alcohol Advertisements Alcoholism is a major drug problem in America. Estimates show that the average teenager sees about 1,000 beer, wine, and alcohol ads each year (Alcohol Advertising 1). .?It is undeniable alcohol advertising glamorizes alcohol use and that young people are particularly susceptible to this glamorization? (Kilbourne 204). Long term alcohol abuse causes many mental and physical health complications. James C. Miller III, Chairman for the Federal Trade Commission, states, ?It contributes to a large percentage of all traffic fatalities, industrial accidents, drownings, burnings, injurious falls, and incidents of violent crime?(Alcohol Advertising7). Due to the devastating consequences of teen alcohol abuse, the U.S. government must censor alcohol advertisements.Despite the increasing number of underage addictions, each year, millions of dollars are spent on alcohol advertisements and promotions. Children view as many as 100,000 television commercials for alcohol before they are twenty-one years old (Health Warnings 36). Over time , this can desensitize young adults into thinking that alcohol consumption is acceptable. Teenagers are swayed by the attractive promotions regarding alcohol. Janet Steiger, chairman for the Federal Trade Commission, proclaims, ?It suggests that using the advertised product is pleasurable and desirable, and many image ads appear to link the use of the product with robust health and physical fitness, or social success and physical attraction? (Health Warnings 36). Children look up to celebrities as role models. Famous people must set a good example for the younger generation. Promoting alcoholic beverages influences teenagers in a negative way. Jean Kilbourne speaking on behalf of the National council of Alcoholism and drug Dependence states, ?Young people are particularly influenced by the widespread use of celebrities, such as rock stars, television personalities, and athletes in television ads.? (Kilbourne 204). Advertisers try to convince the consumers that their alcohol product will make them sexy, rich, and athletic; while leaving out the negative aspects of alcohol abuse.Alcohol is a poison and causes much more than what the advertisements show.Alcoholism leads to numerous physical problems. People who abuse alcohol destroy their lives as well as lives of others. ?One of the top ten causes of death in the United States is cirrhosis of the liver, a condition developed by an estimated 10 % of alcoholic patients? (Vibe 25). Alcoholism contributes to thousands of deaths each year. ?Alcohol can also enhance malnutrition by a direct effect on the stomach, pancreas, and intestines causing inflammation which in turn impairs digestion and absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream? (Vibe 24-25). Heavy drinking can also damage the heart. Almost half of all cases of cardiomyopathy are caused by alcohol abuse(?Alcoholism?1). Women who drink large amounts of alcohol while pregnant place their...

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