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Teen Texting Essay

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Teen Texting
Technology is always growing and changing and in the 1990’s, texting became the new phenomenon. Texting is the ability to send a brief message from one cell phone to another. It has allowed people to be more efficient and independent. Teenagers can know immediately if there is a problem, or simply and quickly send a text to let someone know they will be late. Over the years, texting has grown in popularity and is now one of the main forms of communication for teenagers. However, this form of communication has resulted in long lasting, negative social behaviors for some teenagers.
The number one social behavior that texting has affected is face to face communication. Some teenagers struggle with the ability of effectively communicating with peers and especially adults when they are talking in person (McWhorter). It is much easier for them to express their feelings over text. Because of the frequency of texting, teenagers tend to be more comfortable communicating with their fingers than with their mouths. For many, texting is easier than talking face to face because of the fear of what the other person’s response may be. For example, if a teenager becomes upset while texting it is easy to hide their emotions, but when they are face to face it becomes nearly impossible to do so. In an article for global post, Sheryl Faber agrees with this fact by saying, “The flat language of texts has removed the one-on-one, in-depth talks filled with feeling or emotion”. This impersonal form of conversation leads to miscommunication between teens and their peers.
A problem that has also been found with those who text often, struggle in formal settings. Many employers believe the young generation of employees struggle with job interviews. They have trouble using appropriate body language and they often do not know how to use formal language to get their message across. Texting also allows teenagers to not have to make many phone calls. Often teenagers are awkward or do not know how to communicate over a phone call (Faber). They are used to just texting the person instead of talking to them. These problems greatly affect teenagers’ chances of acquiring jobs and researchers have connected these issues back to teenager’s texting.
Along with risking their future jobs, teenagers can also damage relationships with others by texting. "[Teenagers] don't learn as well to judge the tone of voice, the facial expression, and the posture of people they are communicating with" (Morone). Many people would also agree that it is not a phenomenon to see teenager’s texting while in the car with their family or while hanging out with their friends. While texting allows them to communicate with those who are not present, it eliminates them socializing face to face with the people they are currently with. (Faber). It would not be uncommon to for a teenager who is standing alone to suddenly pull out there phone and begin to text. Most teenagers do not like to be alone,...

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