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Violence is an act of purposefully hurting someone. It is a major issue many young adults are facing today. The twelve to twenty-four age group faces the highest risk of being the victims of violence. There is no single reason for the rise in youth violence. Many factors cause violent behavior. The more these factors are present in a teen's life, the more likely he or she is to commit an act of violence. Some of the factors that may cause youth violence are exposure to violence and family conflict, the media and either physical or substance abuse. Many of these factors can eventually lead to suicide. The teen may begin to feel overwhelmed from the stress of everyday life, so the best solution is to end his or her life. "The number of suicides and homicides committed by teenagers [...] has exploded in the last three decades [...]"(Quindlen 42). Youth violence not only affects the individual; it also has an effect on the individual's family and society.Research has shown that violent or aggressive behavior is learned early on in life. Parents, and family members that care for children can help them learn to deal with their emotions, without turning to violence as their solution. Parents determine the life a child will lead. Parents are the most important factor in a child's life. Every child needs a strong and loving environment to make them feel safe and secure in order for them to develop trust. In an article titled "Is Youth Violence Just another Fact of Life", the author states,"There is no gene for violence. Violence is a learned behavior, and it is often learned in the home or the community from parents, family members, or friends. Children are more aggressive and grow up more likely to become involved in violence--either as a victimizer or as a victim--if they witness the acts. (1)Family violence is a growing problem in the United States. Most family violence takes place in the home behind close doors, so it is difficult to gather information on the different patterns and levels of violence. "Fifty-seven percent of children under twelve who are murdered are killed by a parent; each year, an estimated three point three million children are exposed to violence by a family members against their mothers or female caretakers[...]"(Facts about Family Violence 1).Many people tend to forget that viewing violence early in life may cause a child to think the violence they are seeing is a normal thing, so as the child grows up he or she is going to continue the vicious cycle of violence. Family violence is one cause of teen violence, and media violence is also another factor.Younger and younger youths are expressing themselves by committing the most shocking crimes. With this rise in youth related violence, society as a whole has begun to point the finger. Everyone and everything under the sun has been placed under the spotlight. According to APA Online (American Psychological Association) viewing violence on TV effects our youth in these ways: it...

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