Teenage Alcohol Abuse Essay

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Is there ever going to be an end of teenagers drinking before they are allowed to according to law? In today’s society teenagers walk around as if they know exactly what is good for them, as if they are invincible. Take a look at the number of crashes caused every year by teenage under-aged drinkers and how alcohol effects their future and see how bold of a word invincibility is. Issues that need to be considered when it comes to alcohol are the medical conditions it gives people, how alcohol effects each teenagers future, and who the people are that are inspiring teenagers to drink. People have the right to drink but because of law teenagers are not legally allowed to. There is a reason for everything and this is to keep everyone safe.

Alcohol has a major effect on people medically, especially teenagers. Between the years 1988-1996, there was between 130-150 deaths each year caused medically by the use of alcohol. Believe it or not but alcohol is the most commonly consumed drug in New Zealand. It causes cancer, high blood pressure, haemorrhagic strokes, cardiac conditions such as cardiomyopathy, heart and liver damage, and digestive disorders. It is estimated that 3.1% of all male deaths and 1.41% of all female deaths are caused by alcohol related conditions in New Zealand. That is a lot for a country of 4,144,056. If teenagers started drinking young, then the percentage would rise each year. It is a fact that one in five New Zealanders will suffer from an alcohol use disorder at some time in their life. Instead of making the numbers rise, adults, the people teenagers look up to, should be reinforcing the law to make sure it does not happen. There is no need for 150 people to die a year because of drinks. There is no need at all.

Is alcohol going to effect a teenagers future? Well of course it is. Unless they dislike the taste of it, it is likely that alcohol will be accepted into the system and drinking it will become a habit. The drinking age was not put there for show, it is there so...

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