Teenage Anabolic Steroid Usage Essay

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Teenage Anabolic Steroid Usage
Anabolic Steroids are a man-made synthetic substance which is used in order to promote the growth of skeletal muscle. The use of Anabolic steroids is very common amongst body builders and athletes. Over the past decade, steroid use amongst teenagers has become extremely prominent throughout our communities. By identifying and evaluating the Wilkinson and Marmot social determinants of health, social support and stress were the two successfully identified determinants within teenage steroid use.

Anabolic steroids were first developed in 1930 when scientists attempted and successfully created a synthetic form of testosterone. This synthetic product was created ...view middle of the document...

According to the Mens Health Article, there were 706 recorded magazine articles that mentioned the usage of steroids. Rather than discussing the negative effects of steroids, many of the articles focused on the benefits. (Mens Health, 2010).
The main motive of steroid use is the conceptual idea that it will rapidly increase muscle growth which will then improve the physical appearance. A social network of communication has a powerful protective effect on health, and will support and encourage healthier behaviour patterns (Wilkinson.R, Marmot.M, 2003). There is a lack of social support for the adolescents whom are considering or have considered using steroids as an option for rapid muscle gain. For anyone considering using steroids due to their lack of self-esteem or negative self-portrayal, social support may provide emotional comfort which can then provide a safe place for a person to discuss their problems (PHEN, 2014). This support may assist individuals in overcoming feelings of negative self-portrayal which could ultimately prevent the youth from resorting to unnatural methods in order to reach their goals. The lack of social support given by society is an extremely vital issue when it comes to teenage steroid usage, as Steroids have become a social norm within today's society. It is essential that there be a dramatic increase in social support in...

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