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Teenage Athlete Nutrition Essay

741 words - 3 pages

Noah Fischer
Mrs. Ayers
English 1
29 May 2014
Teenage Athlete Nutrition
Today, our world is filled with food. While some are healthy, it seems like teenagers are more focused on the unhealthy foods. Yes, there are athletic programs; teens are still not eating the right foods they should be. They get the simple, easy to depend on, low cost foods which most likely are from fast food restaurants. Teenagers often pick the easy choice, which is why the obesity rate is rising in our state, including heart attacks and diabetes. Even though it seems like the unhealthy choices are more dependent when you’re in a rush and need a quick bite to eat, not caring about the nutrition, teenagers don’t ...view middle of the document...

While it may provide replacement for your salt/sugars, they are most likely high in sugar. This can easily cause cramps, nausea, and diarrhea (Nutritional Needs for Young Athletes). Also why it may be okay to sneak a snack in once or twice every now and again, keep your eating habits small. An easy way to reduce your cravings could be to go play outside with friends, or even play 3 minutes of a computer game or even other game as that reduces your cravings! A bad nutrition would include only eating meats, fatty foods, and things high in sugar. While you do need meet as a source of protein, as protein is very important, perhaps have it with a side of veggies like corn, peas, green beans, or other healthy nutrition sides(Nisevich).
Base on the facts about nutrition, my diet isn’t what we would say, the best. While I don’t eat unhealthy foods often, I should focus on healthy food. For example, during lunch, I normally eat a banana and a soda. To change this into a healthier solution perhaps I could have bananas with...

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