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Teenage Desire And Immature Decision Essay

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John Updike, in his short story “A & P” written in 1961 telling his young age experiences through narrator Sammy. Sammy is a 19 years old small town man who works in a local store called A & P as a cashier. Like any other grown adult, he is also a person with healthy sexual desire for girl. Additionally, he is bored because of his monotonous job, and looking for some excitement in life. Updike presented Sammy is a strong character in A & P because his each deeds is prominent in the story. In general, Sammy is a small town teenage with passion for girls, immature in nature, and has desire for change.
To begin, Sammy is like all other teenage male with healthy interest in pretty girl. It is not surprising that when a man sees girl in her teenage with only bath suit on, bare foot, walking like butterfly with breath taking smile on her face, he can easily melt, so did Sammy once he saw Queenie walking inside the store. As one can see he is in need for some attraction to make his day, he easily lost in Queenie in the first sight. Moreover, he notices every possible things of her such as color and texture of her bath suit, physical appearance, and even micro tan lines on her body (131). Additionally, his extreme sexual desire forcing him to dream even more; as a result, he starts feeling the physical touch of the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Every single entity that touches her is cherished to him. For example, a dollar bill that came from the gap between her fresh, young, and perhaps untouched treasure of her body was the most precious thing in the world for him. Consequently, his decision to quit his job in the hope of impressing a girl whom he never talk or seen before demonstrates his sexual interest, and dedication towards his desire.
Moreover, Sammy is an immature teen who has no cleverness in making decision and evaluate consequences. Because he is young and his maturity is still to come, he quits his job in order to impress a girl of his dream. Even though he knew that there is very limited opportunity, perhaps none in this small town, he quits his job. In addition, he didn’t evaluate the impacts of quitting his job, and effects of this in his family. Moreover, he also fails to weigh the results when everyone in town knows about the reason for him quitting job. It is sure that he will be known as quitter in the society and perhaps unsocial because he quits his job to impress a girl in bikini...

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