Teenage Depression Essay

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Throughout the world, people are struggling daily with one, if not multiple, mental illness. Some of these individuals have been diagnosed as a result of symptoms they exhibit, while others struggle in silence. For those that have received help, life slowly looks brighter for them, while loved ones work to help in any way possible. One of the serious mental illnesses that teens struggle with is depression. There are various aspects as to why an adolescent may develop depression including social, academic, or family problems, as well as stress or past issues; however, if others recognize the warning signs, complications can be avoided and treatment obtained to overcome depression.
Depression “extends beyond sadness to the point of illness which affects one’s ability to properly function.”. It can be caused by a “reduced level of neurotransmitter serotonin” within a person’s brain (“Teen Depression”; Mayo Clinic Staff). However, depression can have various aspects to its cause besides a chemical imbalance. Changes in relationships and friendships, a recent death of a family member, peer pressure, various types of abuse, trauma, being bullied, puberty, sexual orientation, and difficulty in school are all factors that alone or combined can cause an individual to develop depression (“Teen Depression”; Goldenberg; Mayo Clinic Staff).All of these social, physical, and academic aspects may be some of the reasons that a teenager develops depression.
Along with the various causes that may trigger depression, there are certain people more prone to developing it. Females run a greater risk of suffering from depression than males, due to the way they respond to their environment (“Teen Depression”). For example, females are more apt to listen to criticism from peers while struggling to be accepted. In addition, children whose parents suffer from depression are more likely to become depressed as a result of their learned behaviors on how to evaluate life and situations faced. Another group at risk for developing depression is those who suffer from other chronic diseases such as Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder, anxiety, or cognitive and learning problems. Other people more prone may include those who live in poverty, are socially isolated, victims of abuse, routinely exposed to violence, have parents who fight constantly, bad grades, or low physical activity (“Teen Depression”). All in all, individuals who are at a higher risk should become more aware of the causes and work to help prevent themselves from developing this mental illness.
A person with depression will experience various emotional changes as a result of the illness. Emotional changes will most likely occur which include feeling indifferent, numb, hopeless, lonely, and bitter. One may also be confused, think no one cares, believe he is a burden on others, think he does not deserve to be happy, or blame himself for everything that goes wrong around him (Cobain 17). In addition, one may feel...

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