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Teenage Drug Addiction Essay

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Drug Addiction in Teenagers

Drugs have been around for a long time and there are many different reasons for

them. In particular, they have been misused by teenagers over the years, but in today’s

society drug use is at its highest level. Young adults do not deal with their problems in a

healthy way, instead they turn to drugs as a solution. Teens who abuse drugs hurt their

loved ones and the people who care the most about them. Drugs impact the health of a

young adult because they affect not only the physical development and the brain, but they

also carry psychological implications. Drug addictions have negative impacts on


There are different types of drugs and different reasons as to why individuals

begin to experiment with them. Young adults do not deal with the problems in their lives

that cause them to use drugs. Difficult family situations often influence teens to search for

other means of comfort and contentment. For example, when a family goes through a

divorce that is necessary for the parents, it offers little to the children. Many issues arise

that lead to emotional problems for the teenager, such as: the trauma of family break-up,

unpredictable family contexts, non-existent contact with the non-custodial parent,

parental conflicts, the new relationships the parents may form, new residence, and new

schools. During these difficult times, young adults experience feelings of pain, loneliness,
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and confusion. They do not know how or do not want to deal with these overwhelming

changes and unfamiliar emotions. This is when teenagers turn to drugs in order to gain

pleasure, ease, and comfort. Many teens use drugs because they are depressed or think

drugs will help them escape their problems. But after the drug wears off, the feelings and

problems remain or become worse. Teenagers get psychologically dependent upon the

drugs to feel good, deal with life situations such as divorce, and handle stress. Thus,

divorce in the family leads to drug use that affects the teenager in a negative way.

In addition, teenagers’ drug addiction creates a domino-effect, in which all the

people in their lives get affected. Young adults who use drugs hurt their loved ones and

the people who care about them. For example, teens cause their friends pain because their

behaviour and actions prove that the drug is their new best friend. They do not spend

time with their good friends in order to find someone who has a similar addiction.

Teenagers choose people who use drugs over their other friends because it ensures that

they will not be judged and criticized. Also, they will receive more free drugs because

their new friends will buy them. Young adults believe that the friends who do not use


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