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Teenage crime is when a teenager commits a felony. Most of the time teenage crime is un- punished just because they are teenagers. Teenagers are on the verge of being an adult, so they should be treated like one. Families are also affected by this. They often get angry because they want to help but the teen just wants to be alone. If a victim dies it is worth less because the punishment wouldn’t be so big. That is why teenage crime should be looked into more.
Unpunished crimes?
What will happen if a teenager commits a violent crime and doesn’t get punished justly for their committed crime? Teenager are on the edge of being adults so they should be treated like adults. They must know the consequences for the felony. They just shouldn’t be warned for what they have done. What would happen if they commit the crime again and again and again and still nothing. They should prevent future mishaps by simply just give them a right amount of time in the cell. This will make teens think twice before they do it again. Teens have to pay for their consequence.
In the future teenagers will take advantage of not getting punished and will start to commit bigger crimes. They aren’t children anymore so if they want to act like adults they should be treated like adults.
The courts should start taking action and stop treating them like children. If they don’t this will put many citizens at risk. Causing people to be insecure about their surroundings. Violent teenage crimes is nothing to mess with. Teens might die because they escaping in their car from a crime scene. In my opinion teenagers should be punished equal as adults.
The family of the victim will be outrageously furious.
The families of the victims are the ones who are mostly affected. They will want to try to stop but they will be get through most of the time. This will cause for on going arguments between the family and the victim. Which will cause an unhealthy relationship. They even might resort to violence which will make the situation much worse than it is. Families will grow furious at themselves by not being able to stop their teen for these actions.
The families overwhelmed with furry with themselves’ and the teen. They will be angry because their teen keeps committing crimes behind their backs. This can...

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