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Teenage Labour Essay

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Teenage Labour Should teenagers be responsible for making their own money? We do need to learn how to be responsible and independent, but should we be concentrating on a job when we have an education to fulfill? I think that teenagers should be devoted to school work, but also be working in their spare time. A lot of people think that teenagers should not work because they think that we can not handle the responsibility of a job. There are some teens, such as myself, who can handle a job, and keep fairly good grades in school at the same time. Most of these people work so they can have some extra money in their bank account, and save for a car, for college, or spend it on things they want right then. A lot of the jobs that are available are not the ideal job for a teenager. Most of the jobs available for young teenagers are behind a counter flipping burgers. This is a major factor affecting the decisions of teenagers of if they want to work or not. Personally, if that was the only job available to me, I would not accept it and would not be working at all. If these are the only jobs that are available for teens to accept, then I think we really should not be working at all. We should not have to spend our teenage years being underpaid for a job that will not help us in the future. There are some jobs available for teenagers that are the ideal job. My job involves working with children, and teaching them important hockey skills and techniques that will help them a lot in the future if they decide to play hockey, with a fairly good income. If all teenagers could get jobs like this, I would think that every teenager should have a job, but those...

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