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Now day's people feel they are experienced in all fields in this world. Like, sex, education and alcohol and drugs. Yet they aren't as experienced as they think. I watch calmly at my school friends saying: "Going to get blocked tonight? What are you getting?"This is stupid and ludicrous! It makes me sick to hear that my friends only need to spend about 5 pounds to get wasted and come into school the nest day saying: "I have a hang over"Firstly, cider is one of the drinks that most teenagers would drink. Its cheep, its fast action into getting you drunk, it tastes horrible and it stinks! Many boys aged 13- 19 would be found drinking cider, about 34% say its their favorite drink, 45% say its cheap and shop keepers sell it to underage teens because it has a low alcohol content, which it doesn't. 29% say they hate it, but they drink it because it gets you drunk easily and it's easy to share. So, cider is efficient for teenagers going out and getting drunk. Well, theirs a bad side to cider! Cider being so cheap normally comes in a big bottle, and if you're underage and caught with cider, your parents could be fined and you might be looking at one year in juvy. Cider, being connected with apples, teens think that it will be good for you, their wrong. Many teenagers are being left/found unconscious because of excessive cider intake, especially if its their first time drinking. These are the people who have been abandoned by drunken friends; some have drifted away from drunken friends. And more and more teenagers are being brought into hospitals to get their stomach pumped, and it's not a nice thing to have to get done, but that is how dangerous drink really is. Some drinks aren't as life threaten, these are alcho pops. Smirnoff ice, Bacardie Breezers, Vibe, WKD, Red square. Yes, these are quite cheap in some cases, and they are extremely delicious! This is why they attract so many underage drinkers. I myself am not a blue bag girl, or an underage every weekend drinker. I just believe that a few alcho pops never killed anyone. Yet, this statement is becoming less and less true.It found 10% were regular smokers, 24% drank alcohol in the previous week and 14% took drugs at least once in the previous month. In each case the figures for last year were higher than in 1999, in spite of a government campaign to reduce teenage consumption.The increase in alcohol intake appeared particularly alarming since the amounts consumed rose even faster than the proportion of pupils who were indulging during the first five years of their secondary education. The average weekly consumption of alcohol among pupils who drank in the last seven days increased from 5.3 units in 1990 (equivalent to almost three pints of normal strength beer) to 10.4 units in 2000.Just over half the 15-year-old boys reported drinking alcohol in the previous week, with an average intake of 14.5 units. This compared with 46% of 15- year-old girls drinking an average of 11.2 units.In their first year...

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