Teenage Marriages Should Be Allowed Essay

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Many debates have taken place on whether teenage marriages should be legal or illegal. It all got down to a law that states that if a couple under 18 years of age wants to get married they need to have parental permission. Teenage marriages should be allowed for various reasons; they can work well together and grow together, they can enjoy their life better because they are young, they can enjoy their child more and the child becomes a new motivation in their life, and they will learn to live on a budget. There are many more reasons why teenage marriages are good but these four are the bases of any type of marriage; teamwork, happiness, family, and finances. Therefore, teenage marriages are ...view middle of the document...

Teenage marriages have more energy than older marriages because they are still eager for more physical activities. For a young couple it is easy to enjoy the little things that life brings them. Many of the things that a couple at this age can afford to do are most likely physically active. For example a young teenage couple can enjoy taking a long walk in the rain and not worry about getting severely sick. Also they can enjoy going to concerts in the park instead of preferring to go to concerts where you could have a comfortable seat because either you get tired or have back problems. A young couple can also enjoy taking a road trip across the country in a beat up old car rather than being too busy to travel for such a long time and prefer to take an airplane flight because it is so much easier. There are many things that may seem entertaining to teenagers that are not interesting to others, but as a young couple you have not explored the world yet and are also not afraid to do it. Therefore teenage marriages should be accepted because it can bring happy and enjoyable lives.
Several people think that teenage couples that have children will walk out on them in exchange for their time together because they have to work and focus on school. However this is not true. Teenage couples that have children are fortunate because this new member in their family is now a new motivation so they can strive to do better, not only for themselves but also for the new life that they have brought to the world, their child. A young couple I know got married when they were seventeen and one year later gave birth to a little girl. Throughout the years they dedicated their lives to her by working night shifts and also going to school. Even though they were busy a majority of their time, they always had time to enjoy their little girl and go out to have fun together. Young couples like this one can take in all of the energy that children have which allows them to have more tolerance and have more fun with them. Children are a lot of work especially for young couples but they bring a motivation to the couple so that they...

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