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Teenage Parents Essay

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The problems of early teenage mothers are irrefutable. Some factors that are seen to contribute to teenage pregnancy are educational failure, poverty, unemployment and low self-esteem these are understood to be the results of a negative outcome of an early childhood. For example, recent studies suggest that most adolescent mothers had already made the decision to leave school before they had become pregnant. On the other hand, adolescents still in school when they give birth are as likely to graduate the same as their peers. It is not clear how well the adolescents with the most problems would have fared in the future even without early parenthood.
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Rape, sexual exploitations etc. also takes place in which in some cases may lead to unwanted pregnancies among teenage girls. Socio Economic Factors are believed to have an effect on Teenage girls who have grown up in poor families and disadvantaged areas, as they are believed to be more likely to become pregnant because of their backgrounds. Girls that have Low self-esteems are viewed as a risk to become involved in risky sexual behavior of which may lead to unplanned pregnancies. Statistics and reports show that teenage pregnancies that are unwanted is a growing problem worldwide. In addition, that these can cause problems within the family as a whole such as embarrassment, financially and emotionally and because of this some teenage mothers may find life can be very hard even before they have had their babies.
Sometimes teenagers are seen to pre-plan their pregnancy because they feel that they are in a stable enough relationship and want to start a family, but they are at high risks for health problems than girls who delay child bearing. Reports reveal that babies delivered by teenagers have several risk factors. Premature birth, birth of underdeveloped...

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