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Teenage Parents And Welfare Essay

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Bringing up a teenager is one of the hardest things that many parents encounter. This is basically from the fact that at this age, children develop some kind of rebellion from the parental authority and directives (Macvarish, 2010). Children are exposed to peculiar changes which are both psychological and physical. New pressures from the growing hormones start to work on teenagers and to a wise parent; this should be a time of detailed dialogue with the teenager. Failure to do so may yield to repercussions that are both burdening to both the teenager and the parents. One of such consequences is teenage parenting.

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Irrespective of what leads to the act of sex, nearly all teenagers engage on it (Harden, Brunton, Fletcher & Oakley, 2009). Another notable thing on the same is that the habit intensifies with age. Thus those on higher classes have more sexual activities than those in junior classes. With scanty information on sexual matters, children end up bearing children. The problem of teenage parenting comes in and because number involved is large, the problem becomes a major social issue. This made the Congress, and other policy making bodies across the world, to pass regulations that were aimed at safeguarding the vulnerability of teenage parents (Webster-Stratton & Reid, 2010). This led to institution of welfare programs that take care of the teenager parent and the child. However, these offers come with terms and regulations that need to be put into consideration. Funded by government, this means tax payers money go into bringing up this children. Some critics say that this is funding irresponsibility of some young fellows who should be made to pay for their own irresponsibility (Vinnerljung, Franzén & Danielsson, 2007). Those who advocate for it focus on the risks involved to the young mother and father plus their child.

The cost of parenthood is extremely high. When Welfare laws were introduced, this did not seem to be a big issue at all. The hype of then was based on collective social responsibility reforms. Since introduction of these regulations, teenage parenting is on the increase and teenage behavior seems not to change (Kaestner, Korenman & OʼNeill, 2003). In Mexico for example, a teenage mother is entitled to over $50,000 lifetime welfare benefit. The children born to these young mothers are entitled to $100 million. This makes the welfare budget to be in the tune of $708 million for the mothers and the children (Grogger, & Karoly, 2005). This is not...

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