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19 September 2014

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English 101

11September 2014

The Tragic Event That Turned into a True Gift from God

Most parents are afraid to address the issue of intercourse with their teenager thinking that it will lead to giving consent. What a lot of people fail to realize is that it leaves teenagers, like my younger self, uneducated and free to experience intercourse in whatever way life brings it to them. The lack of information on how pregnancy can occur and the ways that it will truly change a life (my life) at such a fragile age. Everyone has listened to a story about teenage pregnancy. The different ways that society claims to be able to prevent it or telling their personal opinions on how/why it's happening more and more. Looking in the mirror, I saw myself, seeing such an inexperienced girl unable to see her feet. As I faced myself, I realized that my life had forever been changed by the decisions that were so frivolously made.

My story began in a little town in Arkansas. It took place around late May or early June and the summer was just beginning. This was the summer that we were all starting to drive. Most of us had worked endlessly to get our driver's license; which meant the ultimate freedom. My friends and I had already made so many plans. There was absolutely no way we'd finish them all by the end of the summer, but we definitely tried to. We all vowed that this would be the best summer that we'd had so far, but little did I know this would be the summer that I'd become pregnant and my life would change forever. Right out of the gate we planned a day to go swimming. As I was gathering my things and telling my grandmother where I'd be my phone began to ring. I picked up and heard a rather familiar voice and I agree to let him meet us at our final destination. We had been dating for 4 years, so we agreed to take a break from each...

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