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Teenage Pregnancy And Prevention Essay

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The public sector cost in 2004 is $950 million dollars for teenage births (Hoffman, 2006). Billions of taxpayer dollars are spent every year to care and support teenage births. Although teen pregnancy has declined in the past, the United States is still number one out of all industrialized countries of teen pregnancies. Therefore, implementing an in depth sex education class covering parenting in schools will allow teens to fully understand he consequences of having protected or unprotected sex. All children deserve love and care from their parents.
The United States has a higher rate of teen pregnancy than other countries because one is not open to talk about sex with a child once puberty emerges. The Telegraph (2007) reads that the Dutch is more open with children about sex, however, some of the approaches that are taken, some would call extreme and parents as well as educators would not agree with it in the United States. To list a few of their shocking demonstrations: condom demonstrations, trips to sex shops and videos on masturbation. The Dutch say the demonstrations were a small part of their agenda, they tend to stress more towards morals and emotional implications of sex (Donnelly, 2007). The Dutch talk about reasons for having sex; what if the boy refuses to wear a condom; how to manage self-respect. “Dutch campaigners say Britain's schools tick the box for sex education by providing biology lessons and free condoms, without arming teenage girls with the confidence to say no to unwanted advances, or to care for their sexual health” (Donnelly, 2007)(para6). Parents and educators in the United States do not feel comfortable talking to children about sex as it is today or they are against the subject, fearing children are too young to know about sex, this explains the different statistics between the United States and Netherlands on teen pregnancy.

Children are being introduced to puberty at a much younger age today. Many different things can contribute to girls having an earlier onset of puberty. Study shows girls who are obese have a higher chance of puberty coming earlier than girls that are not obese (Port, 2013). Puberty, a time in a girl’s/boy's life that changes them physically and mentally. When teens reach puberty they start to explore their sexual behaviors. Since young girls are starting their menstrual cycles earlier, it is the perfect time to have the “safe sex” talk with them. The time for educating teens about safe sex or no sex must start earlier than before. Adequate sex education is needed in today’s school curriculum in order to aid in the fight against teen pregnancy.
Teenage pregnancy possesses a huge impact on today’s economy. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2012), teenage pregnancy cost nearly eleven billion dollars annually and taxpayers acquired the responsibility of paying those taxes. Eleven billion dollars, enough money to apply a more detailed education into the school’s teaching...

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