Teenage Pregnancy Persuasive Essay Child Development Why Not To Get Pregnant

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The Teenage Pregnancy Persuasive Essay
There are many challenges that people face when they are going through pregnancy. But I believe that teenagers pregnant at an early age. Teenage pregnancy is very hard. It is hard and you have a lot of challenges that you will run into throughout your teenage pregnancy. If you are a teenager and pregnant at an early age you will have a lot of consequences.
The first challenge you will face is education and health. You may not have time to spend with you son or daughter. This is because you must go to school to finish your education and graduate. Then you need to get a job so you can get a job so that you can afford to get things for your child. You need to have time to spend with your child and also yourself. You need to have time with your child so you can have a close bond. But you also need to think about yourself and your education. You need to have time for yourself so that you can get your homework done and whatever else is required to be done. But most importantly you need to study and that requires alone time. You need to think about these things when you are pregnant at an early age. Doing as much homework and other stuff required for school as you can will bring you one step closer to graduating and once that has been done then you can spend time with your child.
Another challenge that you will face is that you will need to think about shelter, food, clothing, diapers, etc. You need to have money for food or food stamps so you can get your child formula the right kind, diapers. But most importantly you need to make sure that your child is safe and in a home where he or she isn’t in any type of danger. This means that you need to make sure no tiny things are...

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