Teenage Pregnancy Stories and Reflections Essay

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She’s at the hospital, feeling sick. The doctor comes in and tells her she is pregnant. She’s shocked.
Keturah Pickens, my little sister, now a senior at University Academy, was 16 years old when she found out that she was pregnant. A million things ran through her mind that night.
“I was sad, disappointed, mad, and angry”, Keturah said.
Through all the trimesters, Keturah was numb to the world. When she had the baby, her emotions didn’t change dramatically.
“I felt the same, just had a baby to take care of a baby. I was young, it came unexpectedly, so I wasn’t as excited as mothers who are expecting, and well prepared,” Keturah said.
When teenagers find out they are pregnant, their whole lives change. They now have someone else to take care of rather than just themselves.
Keturah didn’t know a thing about raising a baby.
“It’s a bit of a challenge but also still pretty cool.” She said.
It’s not easy taking care of a baby when you’re a teenager still in school.
“Yeah it is hard because you know you still got to go to school and then come home to take care of the baby”, She said.
Even when parents are mad at their daughters, they don’t stop caring and supporting their child. Keturah has her whole family that supports her as she raises her daughter, Kamryn.
“Yeah, I probably have a bigger support system than others. My grandparents help me a lot; emotionally, mentally, and just with Kamryn.
At first, Keturah felt that no one was there, but she was never alone. When she found out she was having Kamryn, she locked herself in the room for days. It was not until the family talked with her and told her everything would be alright.
My grandmother wasn't the happiest about the news but it didn't stop her from comforting her grandchild.
“I didn’t expect her to get pregnant,” Willa Robinson said.
“Your grandfather was crying downstairs when the news settled in,” Willa Robinson said.
Our grandfather is very caring and an emotional person. The moment he received the news he was heartbroken.
Keturah had to give up her teenage lifestyle to prepare for the birth of her child. She was depressed to the point she wouldn't talk to people or eat.
The closer she got to her due date, the more comfortable she was about having a baby.
“I was scared during the whole process but I got throughout it, “ Keturah said.
Keara Tart, our cousin, also became pregnant when she was a teenager. Her pregnancy wasn't expected either.
She told me she was pregnant while I was in my Math Skills class, here at Northwest. While my sister didn't get sick or have any complications during her pregnancy; Keara did.
“I was always sick,” Keara said.
Even through her sickness and complications, Keara delivered a healthy baby boy, Corieon.
Teenage girls do not get pregnant on their own; a guy also takes part in making a baby.
Both Keturah and Keara had issues with the father’s child. Keara was in an unhealthy relationship with the baby’s father. It had an affect on her and her unborn...

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