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Boundaries In Teenage Relationships Essay

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When teenagers are in a relationship they sometimes don’t know how to put boundaries because of the simple fact that they are new to the whole dating stage. Many teenagers are indiscriminate when finding there partner and that means that they sometimes make a bunch of mistakes while in a relationship that becomes a problem later on in the relationship. If the person does not put boundaries and limits since the beginning it’s pretty easy to prognosticate how it will all end. Girls should perceive on how to pick a boyfriend who will respect her and not end up being in an abusive relationship which is sadly present in a hand full of these teenage relationships. Some of the signs that the girlfriend should be looking out for in the beginning of the relationship is if the boyfriend continually badger over jealousy and always wanting to know were the girlfriend is at and with who she is with. Another sign to be looking out for is if the guy starts to take the relationship very serious quickly and also if he has an explosive temper. If your boyfriend owns or uses weapons or always seems to like to handle problems with violence that is a really big clue that you have to keep your eye out and be very careful. If he seems to get irate every time you talk to another guy friend you shouldn’t be with him in the first place (Jill). If while in the relationship the boyfriend is always arguing with the girl and at some points even jostles or covering her mouth to make her be quiet. The girl should speak up to receive help and not stay reticent. Research has found that those who have a tendency to engage in relationship violence escalate their abuse over time, instead of getting better it just become more severe (Mcghee). If the girl does not put a stop to everything and allows him to continue and push her around he will get the idea that it is okay for him to disrespect her and eventually over time he will start to hit her kick her and leave her with bruises. Most of the time the girls are afraid to speak up because of fear or sometimes because they just don’t want to end the relationship because there madly in love with their partner instead of ending the relationship they just continue to accept the abuse it is not until a few months after or sometimes...

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