Teenage Self Absorption Portrayed In The Bling Ring

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Checkout lines in grocery stores and waiting rooms both offer people the option to look through or buy magazines. Those magazines do not present news around the world, but they sure do give a lot gossip about people that nobody really knows personally. Many individuals have some serious obsessions, and celebrities have become a major one. It is impossible to go into a public place or open a website without some type of hint of the famous and the rich. They are all over our ads and our products. Not only that, but many in society have begun to idolize these people as if they have contributed everything in the world. People look up to these people to mimic their lives in hopes of happiness. Teenagers specifically try to replicate celebrities. The Bling Ring has these types of teenagers. Taking this knowledge the movie can be judged on its success, or failure, of presenting teenage entitlement, self-image, and self-esteem.
Sofia Coppolas's movie, The Bling Ring, is a fluffed up and glamorized telling of the actual events that occurred when a group of teenagers burglarized celebrities' homes. Of course, these kids were not poor or terribly unfortunate. They just wanted to live the lives their idols did. The only reason those individuals were idolized was because of all their expensive things and fancy lives. The teenagers did not have plain lives themselves. They were as close as normal people could get. In A.O. Scott's review, he mentions, "They can see through the membrane and touch its shiny thin surface. They can even reach inside." Reaching inside is exactly what they did when they waltzed into the homes of the rich and the famous. The movie depicts them laying around and enjoying all the fun things the lavish homes had to offer. They wanted not only the things, but the extravagant lives. They possessed not only celebrity obsession, but also self-obsession.
As a majority, human beings are materialistic and vain. Modern American culture, however, has shaped our nation to be this way. People are taught that to be happy they have to look and act a certain way or have lots of nice things. Everyday movies, television, and advertisements give a false sense of reality. Now enter real life people. The rich and famous seem to be the caricature of everyone's desires. It would be simple to thing that this could never happen to a normal person. Yet, the entertainment industry presents reality stars or the amazing newcomers who were apparently pulled right off the street. People who were just as normal as everyone else have somehow found a way to reach the top. Celebrity obsession stems from the hopes that it could happen to anyone. That amazing life can be anyone's.
The Bling Ring has a focus of a select group in our society, teenagers. Teenagers are the definition of materialistic, vain, ignorant, and ruthless. They want everything and for a certain few it does not matter how they get it. Mix all that with celebrity obsession and the world gets...

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