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############################### There are various sentences throught the composition that are cut off and complete ################################## Teenage Sexuality Crisis in Europe
Almost every child and parent understand, and fear, what is commonly known as the dreaded “Talk” or even the “Sex Talk”, which is practically a traumatic right of passage through adolescence. This is an experience that often confuses both parent and child, as the parent tries to teach the extremely sensitive subject as painlessly as possible, and the child generally is either curious, indifferent, thoroughly embarrassed, or a combination thereof. To make matters more stressful, how the information is conveyed, the attitude with which it is portrayed, and whether or not the information is accepted can affect the way the child treats their own sexuality and the sexuality of others for the rest of their life. So of course said parent(s) begin to question what is the best attitude to take on the subject to positively affect their child’s future, and help them to the avoid the negative side of sexuality, such as unwanted pregnancies, STIs, and promiscuity (that can derive from, and be the cause of, low self esteem, leading to another plethora of young adult issues.) So the question still stands; how do we address teenage sexuality?
Throughout the developed world there has been a rapid increase in the number of teenagers and young adults with sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. This of course begs the question how to go about halting this alarming increase? The way this question is answered depends on the demographic of the countries in which this question is presented, leading to a large number of possible solutions, with varying degrees of success. Despite many people's belief that a more open attitude towards premarital sex and sex education encourages promiscuity and causes an increase in sex related issues such as unwanted pregnancy and STIs, having this attitude is exactly what will solve these issues and others, through encouraged responsibility, openness to accept guidance from parent figures, and educating young people on these issues and how to avoid them.
Much of the argument built up against this beneficial attitude is due to the ignorance and denial of those who refuse to believe the possibility and likelihood of their teen engaging in any sort of sexual lifestyle. They ignore that fact of how unbridled sex was when they were teenagers, and though they discarded the message of abstinence themselves they expect their children to treat it as law("Better Sex Education Vital."). As a very upset mother commented in the Leicester Mercury:
Teenagers are going to have sex whether adults like it or not (they did in my day, many decades back) and the reason that they have so many unwanted pregnancies is because our enlightened education system does not offer them adequate sex education, including effective methods of birth control.("Better...

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