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Teenage suicide is one of the worst misfortunes thinkable for the victims and their loved ones. When someone between the ages of fifteen and twenty four intentionally end their own lives that is considered to be teenage suicide. It is a serious health problem that can affect anyone today, and will continue to be a serious problem among teenagers. There are a numerous amount of causes or reasons why people decide to do this, but it is one hundred percent preventable. There is an amazing organization to prevent suicide that can be easily started in any school, so I would love to start one in a school near my area. It should be clear to all teenagers that suicide does not have to be the ...view middle of the document...

Lately I have been watching the News more often. Stories on people who have committed suicide have become more popular with a horrible story behind it, which really makes me think and realize how terrible things have become in the world.
This has not always been a big problem like it has turned into in the last twenty years. Before teenage suicide was not as big as adult and elderly suicide, but in the 2000’s the rates changed and now the attempts increase during adolescence and then decrease after age twenty-four. Percentages between boys and girls also differ(About Teen Suicide). Girls are more like to attempt or have suicidal thoughts, while boys are four times more likely to actually commit suicide (Suicide).
Suicide does not just affect one general population. People of all races and ethnicities have the same chances of being a victim of suicide or being one who is hurt because a loved one committed suicide (Suicide). Suicidal thoughts are powerful (Caruso). They can affect anyone in a way to make them hurt themselves; therefore there cannot be just one targeted population. Since there is no direct-targeted population, there are no specific effects. But suicide can and a lot of the time will affect a large number of people especially if it is broadcasted out over the Internet or television. I have not ever personally known any of the people that I have heard about dying from committing suicide, but every time I do it does have a negative effect on me. Although I do not know if other people feel the same way, I am pretty that other viewers feel the same way. Anyone who was close to the person who died could ignore the way they felt when they decided to commit suicide. While there is no actual direct effect, suicide affects each person a different way depending on who is was and how they deal with coping with the loss.
The causes can vary with age, gender and social or cultural influences and they may change over time (Teen Suicide). Causes can also be complex, but it is rare that people commit suicide because of one reason. There are usually several reasons that add up and result in an attempt of suicide. Depression is a common cause that is found in most suicide attempts. When suicide is attempted, and depression is a major cause it is usually triggered by a negative life experience and they do not receive effective treatment. Death or divorce of parents, being bullied, or feeling misunderstood are a few negative life experiences that can cause suicidal thoughts to occur (Caruso). Suicidal thoughts and feelings can be overwhelming, and problems may seem too difficult or embarrassing to overcome. If thoughts and feelings are more persistent, changes in behavior appear, and the specific plans are arranged (Suicide). After so many bad things occurring in a teenager’s life, suicide may feel as the only solution to their stress and problems (Teen Suicide ).
Some individuals show no signs or symptoms to appear they have any problems or...

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