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Teenage Violence Is Caused By The Excess Exposure Of Violence From Social Media

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In society, humans live their life’s following the norms that a strong presence, such as the media implements in our society. These norms and standard, which are followed by individuals, affects their behavior and personality, especially in their early years (i.e. teenage years). Teenagers spend most of their lives on social media and through this media they become more violent, uneducated, and depressed by their own body image based on what the media deems to be acceptable.

Teenage violence is caused by the excess exposure of violence from social media. More than 1000 studies show that violence seen though media increases aggressive behavior, particularly in boys (TELEVISION, 2006). The ...view middle of the document...

Behaviors could be picked up whether it is against or with societal norms. Teenagers learn and adapt to behaviors, attitudes, thoughts, actions and etc from an influential source such as the media. The exposure to violent media influences teens to adapt these violent behaviors.

Long exposure to of media can also lead to poor academic performance by the exposed teenagers. The more time spent on social media the harder it becomes to communicate face to face with one another individual. It has been shown that one to two hours of unsupervised television and social media viewed by kids will lead to decrease in academic performance (TELEVISION,2006).
This effects the teens by dulling their people skills by interacting more through networks, which in turn takes away their natural communication skills. Statistics showed that third-graders who have TVs in their bedrooms did worse on their schoolwork than their peers who did not have TVs in their bedroom (Ransohoff, 2013). This statistics proves that those with access to media do poorly in school than those without access to media. Teenagers who have access to media are used to having access to information whenever they need it, therefore, teens are losing their ability to retain information. This leads teens to lose their ability to retain information since information is easily attained through the media. Social media has become a major distraction to teens, which reduces their time used towards completing their schoolwork (seomworld, 2010). The more time spent on media checking latest news, tweet, status and other activities, the teenager has decreased their time available to spend on education and completing their work. This exposure of media takes away valuable time on education, therefore, causing overall performance of student to decline.
Media influence...

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