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Did you know that the United State has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the world?. Abstaining is the only certain way to prevent teenage pregnancy. Abstaining will help our rates goes down, and stay down. Canada has the highest rate of abortions. I would much rather have higher teen pregnancy rates, than a high abortion rates. At least we are not killing the babies in the United States. Pregnancy rates rose by 1.1% to 28.2% from 2006 to 2010.
Teenagers are not physically and mentally able to be able to take a care of a kid. This is one of the reasons that’s one reason Canada abortions rates are high in number. Over 15,000 Canadian women ages 15-19 have an abortion each year. 30% of Canadian women will have an abortion throughout their life time. Who would most likely have more abortions? Women 19 or younger tend to have more abortions, than older women. The younger the girl is harder it is to take care of the baby.
Taking care of a kid is hard enough no matter how old you are. You need to make sure you are able to provide for your kid. In most cases, not all the father of the baby will leave. The father cannot handle all that reasonability of a kid. That’s sad to say, because it takes two people to make a kid. Life would easy if it only took one person to make a kid and that would be the mom. Your kid would never have to go through being hurt because the father is not in their life.
Girls tend to turn more to abortions because they are not physically able to take care of the kid and they own up to that. Some of the times, mothers will do that because she knows the father will not be in the kid’s life. They would not be able to do that all by their self. Another reason teenager turns to abortions because their parents do not know that they are pregnant. If the fathers would stay in the kid’s life, abortions rates would go down.
Abortions clinics are shutting to shut down. Why? You might ask. Well there are many reasons why they would shut down. One is because they are getting a lot of young teens coming in getting abortions because their parents do not know they are even pregnant. A lot of clinics are not allowed to tell your parents, it’s a safe place for girls or boys who might be pregnant or have a sexually transmit disease.
They want to help the kids much as possible but it’s getting to the point where they are not willing to do it because of all the young teens coming in asking for abortions. Abortions are not right to do, you may or may not chose to have a kid but you made a living been you cannot just kill it like that. There are so many things you can do if you are not ready for a kid. You can put it up for adoption, it can go into foster care, and you can sign the rights over to your parents. Just don’t turn to abortions, think about other things you can do besides killing a kid. Abortions are making all the death rates go up high in numbers.
There are so many cases where the young mother will have to deliver a dead baby. Her...

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