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Teenagers Essay

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Teenagers have always been the forgotten group in society. We're the ones who are stuck between being "cute kids" and "responsible adults." But all that's been changing over the last twenty years or so, as the media realizes that teens are slowly getting a voice in society.Along with being lively and impetuous, we teens are also rebellious. We like to be different from what our parents were and from each other. Our impetuous-rebellious nature drives advertisers nuts. How can they create an ad campaign for a group of people who change their minds on a daily basis? A group of people who strive to be different from the norm and purposely enjoy things that make our parents raise their eyebrows in disapproval.Yep, us teenagers are pretty hard to advertise to. Since advertisers have such a hard time figuring out who we are, they also seem to have an even harder time presenting us realistically in the media. We (being Generation X; as we are referred to) are being stereotyped by their appearance, sex, and personality. Different varieties of media are meant to do different things. Some of the media's many roles are to display the truth, make consumers aware, challenge the consumer, and to entertain. Our sources of media presents an inaccurate and negative portrayal of adolescents today according to their appearance, sex, personality, age, among other things.Just look outside for a second. Who do you see walking down the street? There's business people scurrying to and from work, dog-walkers, joggers, and teenagers. The young women you see on the street are probably wearing jeans, T-shirts, and sneakers. Their hair is either just normal or up in a ponytail. Their faces are smiling and happy because they are comfortable with themselves. They look similar to the girls featured in the picture on the left. Look closely at those teenagers, and then examine the pictures on the right, taken from a teenage magazine. The girls in these pictures are dangerously thin, scantily clad, and their faces resembles that of a drug addict.ADD IMAGEThey appear totally different don't they?Media sources like magazines, advertisements, movies, and television all use actresses and models that look like the girl shown. Media is presenting a false image of teenagers to the world. It sends the message that teens must be a certain weight and height, and have certain features and clothes in order to be considered "beautiful" and "fashionable". Their definition of a beautiful girl goes way beyond Barbie. Think skinner waist, bigger chest, and taller. Then ask yourself, how often do you see a size 15 girl posing for a magazine?When a teenage girl flips through the pages of Seventeen magazine and sees the image of a starved, beaten, gaunt model, she's going to think that's what "pretty" girls look like. If she's a bit overweight or doesn't have a clear complexion, a little voice in the back of her mind will tell her she's not good enough. And before you know it, add another statistic...

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