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Teenagers And Cars: A Deadly Combination

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Since teenage drivers are often discriminated against for their driving skills, improvements are being looked into. A survey on news stands today shows, “61 percent of teens admit to risky driving habits” (“Teens Risky Driving” 1). Most teens view their driving as safe; however, a large proportion of teens are dangerous to others on the road. While the rates of dangerous teenage drivers are a high hazard, consequences are in store. Because of dangerous habits teenagers pursue on the road, reckless teenage driving has become a number one killer. Even though teenage drivers complete a driver education program in order to obtain a permit before a full license, teenagers need improvement on being aware of their actions and others while traveling on the road.
While driving with parents, teens continue to make bad decisions. Generally, teens learn to drive by observing habits of their parents; therefore, teens are more likely to make hasty decisions behind the wheel according to their driving experiences with parents. A study conducted by Paul Condrin shows that ‘“And through this study, the type of parent involvement that works is clear - parents need to know the laws and teen-driving rules of their state, set clear expectations with their teens about what safe driving is, and establish and enforce consequences should those laws be broken or expectations not be met”’ (quoted in “Detering Dangerous Driving" 1). This means if parents enforce consequences for bad driving habits, teens will be more aware of their actions. Consequently, a chain reaction of events occurs. When teens drive safer the amount of car crashes decrease, meaning fewer teens would be killed. In other words, when parents set consequences, teens realize their actions and drive closer to the legal speed limit. All in all, parents develop bad driving choices that transfer to their children observing them (“Detering Dangerous Driving” 3).
While driving on the open road there is more to pay attention to than young drivers would think. Besides driving and keeping control of the vehicle, an individual must be aware of other drivers on the road. In today’s modern society, most drivers own cell phones. In a recently published article it states, “While driving down the highway, it is rare not to see someone driving while talking on his or her cell phone” (Barber 1). Brianna Remer obtained bad habits similar to other teenage drivers. Brianna lost control of her car causing it to roll, flip over, hit a tree, where she was then ejected from her vehicle. When Brianna lost control of her vehicle, she was intoxicated, talking on her cellphone, speeding, and she was not wearing her seatbelt (Strong 1). Brianna’s death is a reminder as to how dangerous these habits can potentially be. In addition to cell-phones, teenage drivers need to be aware of other drivers while approaching stop signs, stop lights, and on the main road. For example, Jeff...

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