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Teenagers Behavior In The School Environment

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Teenagers Behavior in the School EnvironmentI had received several calls from the teachers at the school that my child attends. I had a long conversation with each of them, but I had not decided to visit the school until I received this assignment. My daughter is fifteen years and is in the eleventh grade. She attends Scotlandville Magnet High School. The high school is a large school and has students attending from all over East Baton Rouge Parish. On the average, the graduating class has close to 300 students and the typical class has at least 32 students. This year the students are attending school in another location because, Scotlandville is being remodeled.I entered the school at the start of the day; I considered this to be to my advantage, because I would not standout among the other people gathered outside the building waiting for the bell to ring. Even though they all wore uniforms, their appearance varied somewhat. Each student tried to add a little individuality to his or her uniform. The girls wore shorts, pants or Capri's. The style and length varied from each student. The girls all wore earrings that seem to be a bit large, and most of them wore makeup. The boys were also wore uniforms, but they seemed to be at least five sizes too large. The boy's hair were either cut short or braided. All of the boys seemed to be wearing sneakers of endless varieties, and most of them were in the one hundred dollar range.The clothing the students wore was an immediate indication to various social groups, being that it is a visual observation. It can be said that this is common factor even in the adult world, but not once did I notice a poorly dressed student socializing with a student that was in an athletic jacket or a student that was fashion-forward. I decided that it would be during the lunch hour that I could make a real distinction between the social groups. At first entering the cafeteria, it was much as I remembered, the volume was high and immediately I noticed the groups forming, again this is something which extends into the later teens, and even adulthood,but here I was observing a much more rigid standard. The first group I noticed was the jock group. The boys and girls were wearing baseball, football, or basketball jackets. An interesting thing to note was that this group was tightly packed together, even when every apparent inch of table was filled, if another one of their-own came over a chair was pulled up. It almost appeared comical, especially since a near by table was almost empty. I noted that this group was the most vocal, and drew the most attention.Far off in the back of the cafeteria was another group. As a matter of fact, I even had to move in order to observe them better. They were somewhat smaller in size than the jock group, and dressed in clothing that was neither horrible nor forward. They were collectively talking about the most recent movie they had seen, and they laughed amongst themselves, and at a much lesser...

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