Teens, Sex, And Virginity I Lost My Virginity

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I lost my virginity

i arrived at college a seventeen year-old virgin who had been drunk only once before. it wasn't a concious decision to change all that, but i definately had no intention of remaining the awkward, hesitant good girl i had been throughout high school. i had resolved to try everything without fear, which was one reason
i signed up for a rock climbing orientation trip. it is here that martin enters the picture. he was one of my trip leaders, a twenty three year old senior from california. he was a runner and a republican, and his looks were not unlike those of teen heartthrob scott wolf. i quickly dismissed the idea of his being interested in me. he seemed too hot, too experienced, too suave. i was so young. the rock climbing trip was quickly over, and i returned back to campus covered in bruises and pride. classes started, i settled into the swing of things, and i gave martin no further thought, except when i ran into him at parties. i learned to drink, a lot, and learned to pass out at parties to avoid having to go back to my room alone. i experienced my first college hookup, an incident that turned embarrassing when the guy turned out to be in my freshman seminar the next morning. in the spirit of trying new things, i joined the women's rugby football

the night after my first game, i told myself i was allowed five drinks because i had gotten forty minutes of play time. i downed my five drinks in about as many minutes, and then headed out with the girls to meet the boys' team. on the way out of the dorm, i met up with martin, who greeted me with a 'kiiiiirrrrrrsten!'
that echoed throughout the stairs.

everything gets blurry about here. i know that i had another ten drinks before i lost count, and i know i drank them all with martin. i was told that we made something of a spectacle of ourselves dancing at a party, and i remember overhearing some of his friends ask him if he was sure he wanted to hook up with
a very drunk freshman. eventually we did get back to...

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