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Teenagers Should Never Have Cosmetic Surgery

1754 words - 8 pages

Bailey Dunfield

Mrs. Calvert

English 10B

April 4, 2013

Teenagers Should Never Have Cosmetic Surgery

In 2012, over 236,000 teenagers from the ages of 13-19 years old, went "under the syringe" to have a cosmetic procedure done (Gilbert, Web). Teenagers should never be able to have cosmetic surgeries because of the harmful effects the procedures have. Teenage minds and bodies are not fully developed until they are in their early twenties. Therefore, doctors are unable to fully comprehend the risks these procedures will have on the teenagers, since their bodies are still changing. Cosmetic surgeries are nearly impossible to predict the health risks of and the affects they will have on the still developing bodies of teenagers. Teenagers who get a cosmetic procedure done are not having it done to look normal, but to look better than what they think the average teenager should look like. Teenagers are oblivious to the documented health risks that follow these cosmetic procedures. While teenagers believe they should be able to have these harmful procedures done, they do not know the full extent of the risks they are taking and the negative effects it can have on their bodies.

Cosmetic surgeries are more difficult to calculate the health risks of because these

procedures are done for pure enjoyment, not for health reasons. With most procedures,

the health risks that may follow are weighed against what the expected health benefits

are. Cosmetic procedures however, do not improve health. They, by definition, are

intended to only improve one’s outward physical appearance. Also, another factor that

can change the results and affects of a procedure, is how the human body will react to

the surgery. Everyone’s bodies react differently to every procedure, but when a body is

still in the developing stage of life, that fact must also be thrown into the equation. It

becomes much more difficult to know what the outcome of the procedure will be. New

technology and various studies have concluded that a generic set of risks that apply to

adults with certain cosmetic surgeries, does not account for the risks that teenagers who

have the same cosmetic procedures done, might have to face. It is much harder to know

all of the possible complications that even the most informed teenage patients may be

aware of.

Studies have shown, that adults who have had cosmetic surgery when they were

teenagers, had more complications compared to people who had waited until they were

adults to get the same procedure done. Typical cosmetic surgeries last up to ten years,

so having a cosmetic procedure done as a teenager, may result in a lifetime of similar

operations just to be assured that the health risks stay as minimal as possible. However,

this does not mean that having repeated surgeries will eliminate the health risks that come

with each procedure. Any type of implant carries numerous diseases and health risks

that can be harmful to anyone, especially to a...

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