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Teens Essay

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The United States has the highest teen pregnancy and birth rates in the industrialized world (Maynard, 1996). Approximately 400,000 teens, aged 15–19, are giving birth each year (DiCenso, 2012). Since no successful efforts, programs, or campaigns have caused the teen pregnancy rate to decline, it is an important issue to address so we can develop an effective solution.Teen childbearing remains a pressing issue because young mothers often experience negative social outcomes, uncertainty, unfinished academia, and financial issues during and after their pregnancy. Not only are teen mothers affected negatively by teen pregnancy, their children are too. Children of teen mothers are more likely to have health and learning issues later on in life(Maynard, 1996). In order to reduce the negative repercussions occurring to teen mothers and their children, effective communication needs to be implemented in order for the negative effects of pregnancy to be known. By communicating and emphasizing the negative results of teen pregnancy, it could potentially reduce the high adolescent pregnancy rates in our nation (Unger, 2000).

There are numerous course concepts that can be tied to young teens experiencing pregnancy. At the vulnerable ages of 15-19, the majority of teens experience uncertainty. Uncertainty is defined as the perception that one lacks the ability to explain, predict, or establish meaning (Donovan, 2014). Medical uncertainty relates to the unknown aspects of a medical condition. Medical uncertainty will occur during teen pregnancy because concerns arise about how ones body will change, what delivery procedure to choose, the amount of pain that occurs during birth, the overall health of the baby, etc. Pregnant teens might be embarrassed to communicate these concerns to others or may not know the correct questions to ask, thus resulting in a higher level of...

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