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Teens And Self Cutting Essay

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Self-cutting is a major problem for adolescents. Self-cutting is really a cry for help. Statistics show that one in four teens admit to cutting.(Lundsten 1) The website reported that one in two-hundred girls between the ages 13 and 19 cut themselves regularly. Many adolescents seek self-cutting as a way to heal from pain. Max Malikow stated that, psychiatrist, A. Favazza research began when he became “intrigued by the possibility that some forms of self-mutilation represent an attempt at self-healing (Malikow 46). Cutters purposely harm themselves to make them feel better. Self-cutters do not realize the damage they can cause to themselves by cutting. The reason adolescents seek self-cutting rather than talking to a counselor is because they are afraid to talk and feel like no one understands them. Self-cutting is not just a temporary pain-reliever; it is a psychological disorder. Many self-cutters believe that it is nothing wrong with it as long as they are not harming themselves. Lundsten stated that, Roberta Mirisch, a licensed clinical social worker, explained that “cutting is not a normal behavior but cutters think if it makes them feel good, what’s wrong with them doing it?” Self- cutting is a serious and growing problem.
Adolescents cut, because they see what others are doing to cope with pain. Many people believe that the teens do it for attention or as a trend. In 2011, Lundsten stated an alarming new trend; there were teens posting videos on YouTube showing images of cutting and other forms of self-harm. Experts feared that the videos could be dangerous, specifically to vulnerable teens. The videos often were “how-to” videos; showing other teens how to cut. The videos invited who had not considered cutting to try it. Experts believed that the trend was spiraling out of control. The worse part of the videos was that the teens made the cuttings look like an art form, and a normal thing to do. The videos made other teens believe that cutting was the way to release feelings of depression, anxiety and grief. The trend became more popular. There began to be Facebook groups for cutters. Making it seem even more normal for a teen to seek self-cutting. (Lundsten 1)
Self- cutting means more than just a coping mechanism. Cutters cut to improve psychological state but they do not realize that they are really showing that they have a deeper problem. In Perroud’s study, there were two 18 year-old cutters, one with a comorbidity of schizophrenia disorder and the other one with a severe depressive disorder. They both were hospitalized due to the many psychotic symptoms the endured...

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