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Teens And Sex Essay

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An increasing problem on high school campuses and one of the mainconcerns of parents, school officials, and the government is teenage sex. Itis on the rise, and they are worried that it may get out of control. Teenagesex can be a problem because of the pregnancies and many diseases it cancause. One solution that has been proposed is to distribute condoms inpublic high schools. This is a topic that is controversial and has beenhotly debated for years. There are people who think it would be a good ideaand those who think it may worsen the problem rather than solve it.The reason that people want to distribute condoms in high school is totry to prevent teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and (Iseparate this from the category of STD's because it is so widespread, deadly,important, frightening, etc.) H.I.V infection. The theory is that if condomswere given out or made available at high schools, then the students would bemore inclined to use them. They would have them or be able to get them ifthey need to use them. This would cut down on unprotected sexual intercourseand prevent the pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and H.I.V.infection. If a student was at a party and decided, on the spur of themoment, to engage in sexual intercourse, then it is more likely that theyhave a condom if schools distributed them. This sounds good in theory, butwill it really work? If schools distribute condoms, shouldn't they alsoteach the students how to use them and teach them a little about sex (sexeducation in schools, another controversial topic)?The world certainly needs to try to decrease teenage pregnancies, STD's,and H.I.V. infection. In an article from the New York Times, the UnitedNations reports that women, especially sexually active teenage girls, have ahigher rate of H.I.V. infection than men in that age group. It cited theslow development of mucous membranes as the reason for the lower protectionagainst infection and increased risk of getting H.I.V. It mentions that inRwanda, 25% of pregnant women are infected, and 17% of those who have teenagesex will be infected. Those numbers are staggering. In the United States,if even 5% of teenagers who have had sex become infected with H.I.V., thenthat would translate to hundreds of thousands of teenagers. This shows thatH.I.V. could be a bigger problem than it already is if nothing is done aboutit, and some people think that distributing condoms would help keep theproblem from getting worse.Condom distribution might...

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